5 times Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were let down.

Waleed Aly has listed all of the times Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were let down over the past 10 years.

In a powerful segment on The Project last night, host Waleed Aly detailed five moments Chan and Sukumaran were failed — by everyone from the Australian Federal Police, to Tony Abbott, to Indonesian authorities.

Aly, 36, pulled no punches as he described the series of mistakes and shocking failures that culminated in Chan and Sukumaran’s execution in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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The segment (scroll down for full video) is a must-watch. Here are the five points detailed by Aly:

1. When the case was referred to the Australian Federal Police.

In 2005, the father of Bali Nine member Scott Rush, contacted a barrister friend about the Bali Nine’s plans.

That friend told the AFP of the Bali Nine’s planned drug smuggling operation in the interest of stopping the team from traveling to Indonesia.

Bali 9 The Project
Waleed Aly on the 5 times the Bali Nine were let down. Image: Screenshot via The Project.

But rather than taking the matter into their own hands, the AFP knowingly let the group leave and alerted Indonesian authorities — while being fully aware the punishment for this crime would be “a bullet in Andrew and Myuran’s chest,” as Waleed explained.

The AFP are yet to explain this act.

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2. When a corrupt legal system failed them.

Early in Chan and Sukumaran’s trial, the judges who would eventually convict them allegedly offered Andrew and Myuran a large sum to avoid the death penalty, Waleed explained in the segment.

The deal was taken off the table for political reasons — when Indonesia’s attorney general and Supreme Court requested the pair be condemned to death, “robbing them of even the chance of a fair trial.”

Chan and Sukumaran were executed by firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

 3. When President Joko Widodo paid more heed to the Indonesian public than the facts of the case.

Aly next took aim at Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s “obsession” with looking tough to the Indonesian public — saying he paid little regard to the pair’s rehabilitation or the need for a fair trial.

4. When Prime Minister Tony Abbott was seen to threaten Indonesia.

Tony Abbott’s “we gave you money” gaffe earlier this year did nothing but enrage the Indonesian public.

“Let’s not forget a few years ago, when Indonesia was struck by the Indian Ocean tsunami, Australia sent a billion dollars worth of assistance,” Mr Abbott warned Indonesia in February.

The statement was perceived by Indonesians as a threat; a suggestion that our generous aid came with strings attached.

“Now don’t get me wrong, the Australian government did everything they could to save Andrew and Sukumaran,” Waleed said of the incident. “But that was the fourth time they were let down.”

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5. When the pair were told their spiritual advisers would no longer be present in their final hours.

Finally, in their final days, Chan and Sukumaran were inexplicably denied the spiritual guides they requested prior to their execution. Other prisoners were not subject to the same decision.

The move, according to Aly, was “so provocative, it was so pathetic, and so pointless.”

While the pair’s chosen advisers were ultimately allowed to be present, by that stage the damage was already done: it was a final act of indignity that Chan and Sukumaran’s loved ones will never forget.

“Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were guilty men, they were criminals, they were ringleaders in an operation to smuggle drugs into this country,” Waleed concluded. “But they were also let down, time and again, right up until their final hours.”

 Watch the segment here:

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