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Australian condom use is declining. And it's ruining our junk.

People. Please. Just put a fucking condom on.

An annual study of our dirty-as behaviour has just been released by UNSW’s Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society.

We did not do well in this study, you guys. We did not do well at ALL.

The rate of STIs in Australia is on a pretty shocking upswing, and those rising numbers correspond with a profound decline in the use of condoms.

Basically, our private parts are all about to shrivel up and fall off/out because we are refusing to put frangers on.

Seriously; look at these freaking numbers. Since 2009:

There have been 82, 537 people diagnosed with Chlamydia

Syphilis rates have gone up by 34 %


Gonorrhea rates have gone up by EIGHTY FREAKING PERCENT


David Wilson, associate professor at the Kirby Institute and one of the people whose job it was to  collect this disturbing information, stated that we are not covering up as much as should be:

“Where we are monitoring data on condom use, we are seeing it decline,” he says. “We’re not seeing an increase in condom use in any population groups across the country.”

In other words:


C’mon now. Jeez.

via The Kirby Institute

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