A creationist film received $90,000 from Australian taxpayers.

A loophole in a government agency allowed this film to receive thousands of dollars in public funding.

An Australian film produced by a creationist organisation has received over $90,000 of taxpayer funding, The Australian reports.

Darwin: The Voyage That Shook the World aims to “influence the mainstream” to “think again”, according to the producers Creationist Ministries International.

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The creationist film encourages people to “think again” about the theory of evolution. Image: iStock.

“We trust that for years to come, as Christians use the DVD to show to their acquaintances, very large numbers of people will rethink and re-examine their various philosophies, and that many will come to know the truth that sets them free in Jesus Christ,” the organisation’s website explains.

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CMI is a not-for-profit Christian organisation that promotes the teaching of the Book of Genesis, Guardian Australia reports.

The group question the theory of evolution developed by Charles Darwin — preferring that man and the earth were created by God.

Screen Australia, a government agency supporting local film, is legally obliged to offer rebates to producers of all Australian feature films, regardless of its content.

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“A controversy that still rages today”. Image: Amazon.

The 2009 documentary did not receive direct funding but was reportedly eligible for a “producers rebate” — totalling $90,000.

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The full funding amount was awarded this week after the conclusion of a legal battle that commenced in 2010.

The film grossed $116,436 at the Australian box office.

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