Charlie Pickering skewers the anti-halal movement. And it's hilarious.

You can’t catch Muslim, you know?

Last night’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering hilariously skewered conservative Senator Cory Bernardi and the bat-shit crazy proponents of the anti-halal movement.

The “Boycott Halal in Australia” group, which currently has 80,000 members, is against the halal certification label being put on Australian food products.

Why? Because terrorism.

Watch the segment, below…

And Cory Bernardi, who’s probably best-known for statements arguing that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy and bestiality, is leading the anti-halal charge.

He wants a lengthy and costly parliamentary inquiry into the certification process.

Bernardi also questions global warming (of course), wants to open up the debate about legal abortion, and has stated that there are times when it’s appropriate for a man to put his wife in a headlock. Cool guy!

Does it, though?

Pickering began the segment talking about the halal certification of our “national social lubricant” Vegemite and went on to explain what halal is, why the certification is necessary, and how it’s important for Australian food exports.

There’s so much hysteria and misinformation surrounding halal as though, as Pickering pointed out, you can catch Muslim from eating halal-certified food, or that by purchasing halal, you’re supporting “death cults.”

Pickering clearly won this Twitter exchange…

The segment was both funny and informative. Laughing and learning at the same time? Total win.

Of course, Bernardi’s already taken to Twitter to try and claim his anti-Muslim stance is actually about animal welfare and other certifications, such as Australian-made or organic, but Pickering just wasn’t having it.

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