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1. A man jailed for raping a 3-year-old: “You raped this little girl when you knew you had an STD and you just didn’t care.”

A judge has jailed a man for nine years – with a minimum non-parole period of five years – for raping a three-year-old girl while he was staying at the family’s home.

The rape only came to light after the little girl was diagnosed with an STD she contracted from the man.

The man was high on methamphetamine when he raped the little girl in her home in northern New Zealand.

“As rapes go, this is one of the most serious I have ever seen,” Judge Harvey said during sentencing.

“There’s no other way to describe this better than heart-breaking. Your actions have done so much harm. Only time will tell how much damage has been done.”

“Given her age there was nothing she could have possibly done to resist you. You raped this little girl when you knew you had an STD and you just didn’t care,” Judge Harvey said.

 The New Zealand Herald reports that the rape came to light when the girl was taken to a doctor and tests were done confirming she had gonorrhea.

2. Sydney teenager arrested after trying to buy suicide vest online.

An 18-year-old is facing terrorism charges after yesterday being arrested in the Parramatta Stadium car park.

The Daily Telegraph reports the teenager had allegedly once tried to buy a suicide vest online.

Tamim Khaja, 18 a former student of Epping Boys High School, was allegedly in the process of acquiring a gun and was scouting for targets in Sydney including the potential of a police building.

AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan said it’s believed the teen was acting alone.

“We have taken swift action to ensure the safety of the community and we are satisfied that any threat to the community posed by the individual has been mitigated.”

He is facing charges of one count of planning a terrorism attack and one of preparing for foreign incursions.

Khaja was stopped at Sydney Airport in February trying to travel to Syria and his passport was cancelled.

3. Peter Dutton: “Illiterate and innumerate’ refugees would take Australian jobs.”

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said that “illiterate and innumerate” refugees would take Australian jobs or “languish” on the dole and use free health services provided by Medicare.

Speaking to Sky News presenter Paul Murray about a Greens idea to boost the refugee intake to 50,000 Mr Dutton said

“They won’t be numerate or literate in their own language, let alone English,”

“These people would be taking Australian jobs, there’s no question about that,” he said.

“For many of them that would be unemployed, they would languish in unemployment queues and on Medicare and the rest of it so there would be huge cost and there’s no sense in sugar-coating that, that’s the scenario,”


4. Brisbane Council backs same sex marriage.

Brisbane City Council has voted to support same-sex marriage but will not call on the Federal Government to legislate for it.

The backing of marriage equality by the LNP dominated council breaks ranks with their federal Coalition counterparts reports the ABC.

The two-part motion was debated for about two hours in front of a full public gallery during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Cr Quirk said his views had changed significantly on the issue in the past 10 years.

“If two people love each other and want to commit to each other, then they ought to be afforded the opportunity to marry each other,” he said.

“I will not think more or less of any councillor in this chamber because of the views they express or because of the way they vote in this matter.”

The first part declared support for marriage “between consenting adults regardless of sex, sexuality or gender identity”

The ABC reports of the 25 councillors present, 19 voted in favour, including all five Labor councillors, Greens councillor Jonathan Sri, and independent Nicole Johnston.

The LNP were permitted a conscience vote, and five voted against: Norm Wyndham, Kate Richards, Steve Toomey, chair Angela Owen, and Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner.

Cr Steven Huang abstained from the vote.

5. ‘Give us a kiss’: Bill Shorten’s campaign smooch.

Bill Shorten has been surprised by an overly affectionate Adelaide woman who spotted him on the campaign trail and demanded a cuddle and then grabbed him for a kiss on the lips.

Margo Carey, 49, who uses a motorised wheelchair, approached Mr Shorten and spoke about the importance of tram access for people with a disability, before grabbing him for an overly affectionate embrace.

“Now come on! Give us a kiss and a cuddle for the cameras!” she said.

Ms Carey demanded Mr Shorten give her a “proper kiss”.

When he leaned in for a kiss on the cheek he found her lips instead.

“Oh!,” Mr Shorten said.

“Good on you, Margo,” he said.

6. Waleed Aly’s “greatest call to arms” as he urges Australian to buy local milk products.

The Project’s Waleed Aly has said it is his “greatest call to arms” as he  urged Australian’s to “eat more cheese”.

In last night’s The Project, Aly targeted Australia’s largest dairy producer and the world’s biggest dairy exporter and their decision to slash the price they pay for farmers’ product.

Three weeks ago, Murray Goulburn slashed their price to farmers for a kilogram of milk to between $4.75 and $5.00. Fonterra followed, slashing their price to $5.00. It costs farmers $5.00 to produce a kilogram of milk solid.


Aly said this means farmers will be paid $0.37 per litre of milk when it actually costs them $0.38 to produce it.

“What that means is that because our farmers have been paid $5.60 all financial year, Murray Goulburn and Fonterra are essentially claiming that the farmers were overpaid from July last year until the price cuts three weeks ago,” he said. “And now, the farmers suddenly owe Murray Goulburn and Fonterra massive debts. The average debt reportedly owed to Murray Goulburn by a dairy farmer is $120,000.”

“They’re spreading that cut over the entire financial year so doesn’t look like such an extreme cut. When we recognise that it means that for the next two months, farmers will be paid 14 cents for that litre of milk that cost them 38 cents to make. The more successful they are, the further in debt they’ll become.”

In his “greatest call to arms” Aly urged us all to “pay an extra few cents for Australian produced brand-named milk” and “eat more cheese”.

7. 72-year-old fends of croc attack with spanners.

An elderly man spent three hours fending off crocodiles by throwing spark plugs and spanners at them one capsized his boat, drowning his friend in a top end creek.

The two Victorian men had their tinny sunk by a crocodile after the attempted to bring in crab pots in Leaders Creek about 38km northwest of Darwin.

One man drowned, while the 72-year-old threw spanners and spark plugs to fend off other approaching crocodiles until he managed to push the boat into the relative safety of mangroves, said Ian Badham, director of CareFlight NT.

He was in the water for three hours before some professional crabbers heard his shouts and rescued him.

8.  Kids have less time outside than “maximum security prisoners.”

If you've got a dog you might be allowed out.Via IStock.

A study has shown that the radius area explored by seven and eight-year-olds has shrunk by 90 per cent over one generation.

The study in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health shows that independent mobility increases for children with a family dog or older sibling with more allowed to venture to a mate’s house, local shop or park.

In the 1970s, 80 per cent of children walked to school alone or with friends. Today only 10 per cent make their own way.

“Our kids on average spend less time outside than maximum security prisoners,” Nature Play Queensland’s program manager Hyahno Moser told The Courier Mail.

“National averages for children engaging in unstructured outdoor play, ‘nature play’, are rapidly decreasing while the time spent indoors, using technology and being sedentary, is rapidly increasing — a fact which has parents and health experts equally alarmed,” he said.

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