7 (and a half) emotional reactions Aussies had to Tony Abbott skolling a beer.

I guess he has to wash all those raw onions down with something…. right?

A man walks into a bar….

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s the beginning of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Saturday night. A night, which has divided the country. Not since Kevin Rudd’s strip club jaunt has the nation been so divided over the late-night actions of a Prime Minister.

When video of Tony Abbott skolling a beer was released online (by none other than the Australian Women’s Weekly), the nation stopped to watch. Should we be angry or delighted? Outraged or proud? Pleased that he’s moved on from the shandies of the last election or bemoaning the culture of binge drinking in Australia?

Sure it was only a schooner (only Hawkie can quite manage the yard glass), but that one drink made us emotional as a country.

And today, we are all drunk texting each other one or more of the following things:

1. Delight

WHAT A COUNTRY.  Our Prime Minister is at the pub, most likely partaking in some parmigiana policy, when approached by random strangers to celebrate their glorious sporting victory… by necking a frothie. AND HE BLOODY DOES.

STRAYAAAAAA!  You don’t see Kim Jong Un getting down to his local for a bit of beer pong. Barack Obama isn’t necking beers while wearing a cowboy hat when he visits a pub in Austin, Texas. Angela Merkel, the most powerful person in Germany doesn’t even get boozy for Octoberfest.

Tony, this is probably the best thing you’ve ever achieved as Prime Minister.

2. Anger

DISGUSTING. This man is supposed to be the leader of our country. Here he is, at 57 years of age, acting like an idiotic teenager.

As Prime Minister, he has publicly condemned the culture of binge drinking. His country is crippled under the costs of alcohol related illness and abuse. He should have had the decency to decline politely and not pander to the peer pressure of a cheering crowd of yobbos.

3. Secret kind-of-pride

It’s not like he was doing anything illegal… And he necked it in 6 and a half seconds. Not bad, Tones.


4. Shame and distress on behalf of ‘the children’.

Think of the children, Tony. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

What kind of example does this set to them?  Tones has opened up a precedent for every dickhead to stumble in the door at 2am and say proudly “I was just trying to be Prime Minister” after a night of dangerous alcohol consumption.

Before you know it, bars will be spruiking the “Tony Pepperoni”, a schnooner of VB with a shot of chili in it, and the popular Espresso Martini will be eclipsed by the Espresso Mar-Tony, a cocktail of coffee and booze made with the tears of refugees.

You’re our Prime Minister for goodness sake – it’s the height of irresponsibility to display such behavior and sends a damaging message to kiddies everywhere.  It’s an unofficial endorsement of irresponsible drinking, and now everywhere, unpopular teens and adults will think “No matter how unpopular I am, if I just knock back a beer, people will love me.”

Binge drinking and sexism: Just another day at Uni

5. Feminist rage

Oh, you’re such a BIG TOUGH MAN drinking BEER with the RUGBY BOYS. You’re supposed to be the Minister FOR WOMEN. What about having a chardy, Tony? What about skolling a Guava Vodka Cruiser instead?

No? Just a VB for you in front of ‘the boys’?

Pffft. Typical.

6. Idealistic hope

So all this time we just needed to start chanting “release children in detention” in a pub for you to do something?

Ahh. We feel a plan coming together…

7. Rational acceptance

If Abbott declined the challenge, he would have been labelled a wet blanket.  He accepted the challenge and we ridicule him anyway.  So he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. Really, how can we have a go at him?

Also, with his track record, we’d be at the bar too.

And the half: Confusion

It’s pronounced ‘skull’ and the correct spelling is apparently ‘skol’.  Bit annoying….

Which one were you on the emotional scale of one to 6.5?

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